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Spirit of the Nomad - About Us
As a seasoned global traveler and developer of lifestyle hotels & luxury homes, I became more and more sensitive to the quality of linen, not only in my own homes but also when traveling, realizing the huge impact it had on my sleep, mood, and general well being.
Six years ago I set out to find the best quality sheets in the world as I was tired of poor quality and the expensive sheets, I always had to replace. Years and tons of cotton later I had found an amazing quality.
Long-lasting, superior comfort with a luxurious feel at value for money.
The fact is you can never have a luxurious home for family & friends or a hotel with second-class bed linen & towels.
It's something many seems to forget, it’s a flagship detail defining true comfort and luxury.
I was always a curious traveler scanning the globe for interesting locations and people. Today I'm fine sleeping anywhere from under the stars, to shabby guest houses or to luxury hotels. The only difference is that I always bring a set of my own linen, wherever I go. It makes me sleep like a king anywhere!

That's my own and a priority in life!  
What's yours?

Mats Wahlstrom
Founder & Global Nomad

To encourage and inspire a life of lasting, sustainable premium quality. In everything. In and out of bed. Until now the bed linen & towels were only available to hotels, friends & family. By demand and love for the products,
we have opened up for an international launch. 

Marthe Kölln
Creative Director & Designer, Berlin

Mats Wahlström
Concept & Board, Verbier, Mallorca and Costa Rica

Anna Ortmark
CEO, Stockholm