Egyptian Cotton

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Spirit of the Nomad offers unparalleled quality bed & bath linen made from extra-long staple 100% Egyptian combed cotton, certified by the Cotton Egypt Association. The immaculate white finish of the bed linen brings a heavenly serenity to any bedroom. Crafted with long, hand-picked fibers, delicately spun into strong, smooth yarn and woven to luxurious softness.

The durability of our Egyptian cotton deserves a chapter o it's own. The breathability and softness improve with every wash and will give you the sleep of dreams. Egyptian cotton is a fabulous treat for any skin and of course, especially sensitive skin. The natural fabric absorbs excess moisture, allowing the skin to breathe effectively regulating body temperature. Rich in tradition, superior quality, comfort, and sustainable longevity to last a lifetime.

All Egyptian Cotton™ is delicately hand-picked. This process puts less stress on the fiber than using large machinery. It’s the only way to make sure that the cotton keeps its exquisite softness and incomparable strength. We think that the extra time and effort is certainly worth it to ensure you receive sumptuous cotton that you’ll love for years to come.

What is Egyptian cotton?

The term “Egyptian Cotton” is, for many, synonymous with high-quality luxury cotton because of its length, softness, and strength. These characteristics, in turn, come from the climate in which this cotton is grown. The Egyptian climate, particularly in the Nile Delta, presents the ideal conditions for the creation of extra-long fibers, which are durable, smoother, and allow the fabric to be created with more yarns.

Due to the fact that Egyptian cotton is well maintained over the years. It becomes softer with age, maintaining the same resistance. This is classified as a luxury product and has a unique reputation.

 Cotton Egyptian Association

The Cotton Egypt Association constantly searches to develop ways to separate genuine Egyptian cotton from inferior imitations. Thanks to scientific technology advances, Cotton Egypt Association collects samples at different stages of Egyptian Cotton™ production and proceeds to DNA tests. So that all possible scenarios are addressed, ensuring quality remains.

Our special unique process of making the cotton supersmooth.

The Egyptian GIZA cotton selected for our Satin 400TC undergoes a unique process; creating a finer, brighter, and more durable product. The process is a meticulous one. First of all, we eliminate impurities by double washing and boiling. This is followed by burning short and loose fibers on both sides of the fabric to prevent pilling. Dimensional stability, strength, durability, and brightness are enhanced by a dual mercerization process. Finally, we soften the fabric to add touch, freshness, and lightness.  The result is what dreams are made of. And make dreams happen. Perfectly elegant, crisp, and clean with superior durability. For the Nomad seeking low-key luxury second to none.

We want to be sure, we have done an independent quality test.

In the results of a CITEVE test (fitness for use, functionality, dimensional stability, resistance, colorfastness, appearance evaluation, etc)  done by an independent company Laboratorios - V.N.Famalicao in Portugal, Spirit of the Nomad shows the extremely high result of all the important factors when it comes to the strength and pilling resistance that will make us able to guarantee lifelong sustainability.  Spirit of the Nomad together with the craftsman in Portugal has made a special treatment to make the Egyptian cotton finishing even softer, silky, and smooth, everything to bring a luxurious calmness of clouds to ensure your best sleep ever.