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Care instructions and tips & take care of your products

 When you’ve invested in great products, you want them to stay lovely and stylish forever – just like when they were brand new. And if you give them some love (a.k.a. wash and generally treat them in a good way), they’ll remain your soft and stylish companions for life. This is how you do it.

 Duvet covers, sheets and pillowcases 

                          Laundry Clean sheets might be the best thing ever, right? We recommend you wash your sheets at 60 degrees color wash to keep the colors and luster of the fabric. Always wash the sheets separately, i.e., not with other clothes and textiles. Buttons on jeans and similar things can damage the fabric. Always use color detergent since the beautiful white color is dyed. Also, avoid detergents with bleach; it destroys the colors' luster. We recommend washing your sheets every one or two weeks. 

Fabric softener There’s no need for fabric softener, and we don’t recommend you using it. Your sheets won’t get softer from the fabric softener - on the contrary, it tears the cotton fibers.

If you get stains on the sheets, you can use removers like Vanish pink. Avoid Vanish white since the product contains bleach. You should also stay away from chlorine; it could ruin the color even on white sheets.

 Tumble drying It’s fine to tumble dry your sheets but do it carefully. The best method is to dry them lightly after washing and then hang the sheets to dry. Stretch them in the corners to minimize wrinkles.

Mangling/ironing You get the best result when you mangle or iron your sheets. Of course, this isn’t a must, but if you want the perfect five-star luxury hotel feeling and finish, we recommend you to get the ironing board, put on your favorite TV series, and iron your sheets.


 Always wash your towels before using them for the first time. Many people think you should do this to get rid of any toxins, but that’s not why. The reason is that washing makes the loops settle in the terry, resulting in a longer life for your towel. We recommend washing your towels in a 60-degree color wash to get them all clean and nice. Always use a color detergent.

 What about fabric softener, any need for that? No, we recommend that you skip it. The towels won’t get softer from the fabric softener; it rather wears the cotton fibers. 

Tumble drying? That’s fine – if you want soft fluffy towels, just go ahead and tumble dry them. If you prefer your towels a bit stiffer, you should instead hang them dry after washing.

 Tip: Keep in mind that makeup and acne products cause stains on towels, and many people find that they create orange stains similar to bleach stains. The villains of the piece are especially foundation, products like acne treatments, and different types of facial tones. To avoid this, a tip is to use a face towel to remove makeup. After you’re done, immediately rinse the towel in hot water, and then wash it at 60 degrees. 

Don’t worry if your towel gets a loose thread. It happens, just cut it and keep enjoying your towel. 


To keep your robe in great shape for as long as possible, we recommend you wash it at 40 or 60 degrees. Always use color detergent.

Fabric softener? Skip it; that doesn’t make the robe softer; it rather tears the cotton fibers.

 How about tumble drying? Absolutely, but also remember to stretch the corners a little to get the best fit. You can also hang your bathrobe dry on a hanger.


 Congratulations on a fantastic bedspread! Our bedspreads are quilted with velvet and linen. If you get a stain or want to wash it, we recommend dry cleaning only. To keep the bedspread fresh, you should also vent it from time to time.

Cushion covers

Our cushion covers are quilted in velvet and linen or 100 percent linen. If you get a stain or want to wash your pillowcase, we recommend dry cleaning. It’s also a good idea to vent the cushion covers now and then to freshen them up.

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