SPIRIT TOWEL - Polar White

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Spirit of the Nomad Towel Polar White
Spirit of the Nomad Towel Polar White
Spirit of the Nomad Towel Polar White

SPIRIT TOWEL - Polar White

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No bathroom is entirely complete without towels of the highest quality. Our towels are available in four colors to suit your taste and your bathroom. World-class quality and life-long durability. 100% premium Egyptian cotton delicately spun into strong, smooth yarn and woven to luxurious softness. The style is obvious with a beautiful broad edging that enhances the feel of exclusiveness. 

We recommend the towels be washed at 60 degrees and that you wash your brand new towels before using them. Washing the towels will tighten the weave structure and bind the terry loops. That will make your towels stronger and more durable. If slight pulls appear use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the snag of, the towel will not ladder or unravel.

Tumble dry carefully or hang to dry. Further reading about our quality is found under About Egyptian cotton. Produced in Portugal by an Oeko-Tex certified textile mill. If you want to buy towel sets, please follow the click here.

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Pure white Pure white
Misty Grey Misty Grey
Lava grey Lava grey
Foggy Blue Foggy Blue
Desert beige Desert beige
Size30x30 cm 4 Pack50x70 cm50x100 cm70x140 cm100x150 cm
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The Cotton Egypt Association (CEA), stand firmly for genuine quality. From farmer to manufacturer, to your home, all true Egyptian Cotton™ must meet our high standards. The label is there to reassure you that Egyptian Cotton™ is exactly what it says it is. Read more.

Egyptian Cotton

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